Bugglebots is a new robot combat webseries that was created as a response to Robot Wars being cancelled. The first series has finished airing and was created entirely by volunteers for the love of robot combat. We had 30 teams from across the UK, Europe and even the USA fight it out to become the Bugglebots Champion in front of a live audience. So far it has amassed over 4000 followers across social media, and over 80000 views.

Bugglebots was the most enjoyable robot combat event I've ever been to. Fantastically run by a great group of people who put their hearts and souls into an amazing end product. Snappy and I anxiously await the next season!

Craig Croucher, Snappy

It was a joy to take part in the show, and I’m glad it was my re-introduction into the hobby. There’s a real community spirit in all robot combat competitions, but even more so for Bugglebots where everyone was giving it their all to make something from the community for audiences around the world.

The show has generated huge interest in the beetleweight combat robot class, both in the UK and internationally. Building beetleweight robots is a great practical and accessible way to learn about electrical and mechanical engineering concepts, and having something like Bugglebots around to spark people’s imaginations is just fantastic!

Overall I can’t wait for the second season and hope I’ll be able to be a part of this wonderful show again!

Alex Mordue, Saw Loser

What can I say apart from awesome! Bugglebots 2018 was an amazing event, well organised and very professional. Everyone who took time out to make this possible, I take my hat off to you. Me and K2 will be seeing you all soon! ;)

Mark Leigh, K2

We are filming a second series and we need your help!

With no robot combat show currently on television in the UK, we’re creating something really exciting in this field - by sponsoring us, you would help inspire the next generation to be passionate about science, engineering and technology.

To ensure that our events are inclusive and accessible for people from all backgrounds, they are free to compete in and spectate. This means we are reliant on funding from like-minded sponsors like yourself to cover the costs to make the show.

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