Bugglebots is a new robot combat webseries that was created as a response to Robot Wars being cancelled. The first series is currently airing and was created entirely by volunteers for the love of robot combat. We had 30 teams from across the UK, Europe and even the USA fight it out to become the Bugglebots Champion in front of a live audience. So far it has amassed over 4000 followers across social media, and each episode hits over 5000 views in less than a week.

We are planning to film a second series and we need your help!

With no robot combat show currently on television in the UK, we’re creating something really exciting in this field - by sponsoring us, you would help inspire the next generation to be passionate about science, engineering and technology.

To ensure that our events are inclusive and accessible for people from all backgrounds, they are free to compete in and spectate. This means we are reliant on funding from like-minded sponsors like yourself to cover the costs to make the show.

We can advertise your company on banners in the show (interview backdrops and arena banner) on our website and on social media. If this is something that interests you or your organisation please get in touch by emailing sponsorship@bugglebots.com.

If you’re an individual that wants to help support the show, you can donate directly to us by clicking the Donate button below or check out our Bugglebots merchandise by visiting https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/bugglebots.

Thank you for supporting Bugglebots